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  • Absorbine Hooflex® Therapeutic Liquid Conditioner

    Hooflex® Therapeutic Liquid Conditioner an easy-to-apply liquid that creates a breathable moisture barrier to help maintain a long-lasting moisture balance.

  • Absorbine Horseman’s One Step

    Absorbine Horseman’s One Step is a convenient, one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream, removes dirt & grease helping to restore a natural shine

  • Absorbine Showsheen Detangler Gel

    Absorbine Showsheen Detangler Gel strengthens and moisturizes manes and tails to help keep hair healthy and tangle-free.

  • Absorbine ShowSheen Finishing Mist

    Absorbine ShowSheen Finishing Mist is enriched with Pro-Vitamins which nourish coats leaving a gloss shine and silk proteins thats strengthens mane and tail.

  • Absorbine ShowSheen Showring Shine

    Absorbine ShowSheen Showring uniquely formulated to provide a healthy shine and make grooming easier. Contains provitamins to nourish coats and silk proteins to strengthen manes and tails and promote stronger, longer hair.

  • Absorbine SuperShine Hoof Polish Black/Clear

    Absorbine SuperShine Hoof Polish Black/Clear is America’s best-selling horse hoof polish gives hooves a magnificent, mirror-like finish. Its quick-drying formula helps prevent dirt and dust from settling on the show-winning shine.

  • Horseman’s One Step® Cream Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

    Horseman’s One Step® easy-to-use cream, featuring a new container with a user-friendly screw-top lid, cleans and conditions at the same time. It penetrates leather to release deep-down dirt and sweat, gently lifting it away, while the lanolin-rich formula also conditions and preserves to keep leather soft and pliable