Easidri Pet And Equestrian

Easidri Grooming Towel


Easidri Pet And Equestrian Grooming Towel is the only grooming towel that thinks its a sponge perfect for horses and pets and around the house.

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Easidri Pet And Equestrian Grooming Towel

Easidri is ideal for using as a saddle cloth and can help in the prevention of saddle rub.

Dry your dog with our Grooming Towel, super absorbent and re-usable it reduces grooming time by 60% and wash your dog with our fresh lemon scented medicated shampoo to remove odors and improve the coat’s condition.

Easidri are the makers of the Grooming Towel, High Performance Cooling Coat, Cooling Mat and a range of bottled products designed to make your life a whole lot easier! As dog owners ourselves, we understand the issues that you face each day – whether that’s drying a wet dog after a walk, trying to keep them cool on hot summer days, or keeping them, your house and their possessions clean and hygienic! All our products are designed to help keep your dog happy and healthy and make your life easier. It’s as simple as that!



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