Neue Schule Team-up Bit Loose Ring

Neue Schule Team-up Bit


Neue Schule Team Up Bit Loose Ring is a gentle all purpose training bit to help develop the partnership between you and your horse.

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Neue Schule Team-up Bit

  • The Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring is a gentle all purpose training bit to help develop the partnership between you and your horse.
  • This bit is ergonomically curved to encompass the tongue and align itself underneath the upper palate, giving very even gentle weight distribution.
  • The Neue Schule Team Up alleviates mouth over activity and tongue evasions therefore promoting a softer more consistent contact.
  • It encourages the horse to soften through the jaw relaxing and lengthening the neck.
  • It is beneficial for the short tense neck without causing the horse to lean and reinforces the turning aid.

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Neue Schule Team-up Bits use cutting edge technology, combined with a natural understanding of the horse to create the exceptional quality expected from a Neue Schule Bit, allowing for unrivalled communication between horse and rider.Neue Schule standing for new school” is redefining the thinking and technology in horse bits. Neue Schule horse bits are an up to date choice designed around the horse and horse riders wants and needs. This has been achieved by adapting and overhauling traditional equine bit designs by using cutting edge materials. Neue Schule horse bits lead the way with outstanding technology and design. The full range of horse mouthpieces covers every equestrian discipline from general enjoyment riding to grand pix level. A revolutionary material patented and designed by Neue Schule called Neue Schule Salox Gold is used across the bit range

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