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  • Cottage Craft Shaped Leg Pads

    A set of shaped and bound leg pads to be used in conjunction with travel bandages.

    Soft and durable padded felt will helps improve the level of protection whilst in transit.

    Can be used in the stable or whilst travelling to provide extra protection to the horses legs.

  • Easidri Grooming Towel

    Easidri Pet And Equestrian Grooming Towel is the only grooming towel that thinks its a sponge perfect for horses and pets and around the house.

  • Ladies Ball End Spurs

    Ladies Ball End Spurs

    ( Ladies) 20mm neck

    Stainless steel ball end ladies spurs’


    Great Quality from Saddlery Trade Services

  • LeMieux Bamboo Pillow Wraps

    LeMieux Bamboo Pillow Wraps soft technical bamboo lined. Perfect for stable or travel leg protection, moisture wicking and temperature control.


  • LeMieux Combi Bandages Pair

    LeMieux Combi Bandages are the best of both! Soft fleece bandage followed by a supportive elasticated bandage offering protection and more support (Pairs)

  • LeMieux Dressage Schooling Boots

    LeMieux Dressage Schooling Boot is a Highly protective all round boot, contoured to fit joint & tendon with a faux leather outer shell that gives these boots a high quality feel. Ideal for schooling & general work but especially for dressage work involving more intense lateral work.


  • LeMieux Fleece Lined Boots

    LeMieux Fleece Lined Boots with luxurious soft fleece lining Grained faux leather outer gives a high quality look. Ultra soft lining prevents rubbing & evens out pressure.


  • LeMieux Leather WrapRound Over Reach Boots

    LeMieux Leather WrapRound Over Reach Boots are a new style luxurious leather hide overreach boots that are shear quality with adjustable closures.

  • LeMieux Luxury Polo Bandage

    LeMieux Luxury Polo Bandages the NEW improved Luxury LeMieux fleece bandages. These Beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling.

  • LeMieux Teknique Young Horse Fetlock Boots

    LeMieux Teknique Young Horse Fetlock Boots the perfect fetlock boot for age restricted classes. Conforms under BS guidelines whilst benefiting from shock absorbing gel lining.


  • LeMieux WrapRound Lambskin Over-Reach Boots

    LeMieux WrapRound Lambskin Over-Reach Boots is the new style luxurious leather hide overreach boots complemented by a beautifully soft Merino lambskin collar.

  • NEW Equine Wear Quarter Guard


    NEW Equine Wear Quarter Guard protects the horses hind quarters from abrasion and scuffs during transportation in lorry or trailer.

    Ideal for show and dressage horses, or those needing to look pristine on arrival

    £20.95 £19.00
  • Pro-Tech Ballistic Over-Reach Boots

    Pro-Tech Ballistic Over-Reach Boots ideal for everyday and competition use.

  • Pro-Tek Airflow Brushing Boots

    Pro-Tek Airflow Brushing Boots, these lightweight neoprene boots offer extra protection against brushingand are ideal for every day use or schooling and competing.

  • Tail Guard with Bag

    Tail Guard with Bag is shaped & padded at top of tail for total protection, it has velcro straps to keep it in place and a long nylon bag that velcro’s to keep tail clean.

  • Veredus E-vento Cross Country Front Boots

    Veredus E-Vento Cross Country Boots in microperforated neoprene AEROX, together with 3D mesh to guarantee double ventilation, Waterproof, Lightweight and Shock absorber system.


    £120.00 £89.95
  • Veredus Olympus Rear Fetlock Boots

    Veredus Olympus Rear Fetlock Boots an absolutely innovative fetlock boot characterized by a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees the maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse’s limb with eva foam extra protection

  • Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots


    Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots made from neoprene, hard wearing.

    Light and flexible even when wet – does not retain water

    The Woof Wear Club Brushing Boot has always been popular because it provides maximum protection from knocks or brushing injuries

  • Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot

    Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot is a versatile boot that enables both hot and cold therapy to aid recovery after periods of stress and as a complimentary treatment for leg injuries.The Ice Therapy Boot can be used both with crushed/cubed ice and Hot and Cold gel packs.

  • Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

    Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot a unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean.

    This boot is suitable for use in the stable and can be used on sensible horses in the paddock and is designed using flexible and light materials to enable easy fitting and as a cost effective alternative to adhesive bandage and tape.