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  • Cottage Craft Shaped Leg Pads

    A set of shaped and bound leg pads to be used in conjunction with travel bandages.

    Soft and durable padded felt will helps improve the level of protection whilst in transit.

    Can be used in the stable or whilst travelling to provide extra protection to the horses legs.

  • LeMieux Combi Bandages Pair

    LeMieux Combi Bandages are the best of both! Soft fleece bandage followed by a supportive elasticated bandage offering protection and more support (Pairs)

  • LeMieux Luxury Polo Bandage

    LeMieux Luxury Polo Bandages the NEW improved Luxury LeMieux fleece bandages. These Beautiful fleece exercise bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling.

  • Tail Guard with Bag

    Tail Guard with Bag is shaped & padded at top of tail for total protection, it has velcro straps to keep it in place and a long nylon bag that velcro’s to keep tail clean.