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  • LeMieux Dressage Schooling Boots

    LeMieux Dressage Schooling Boot is a Highly protective all round boot, contoured to fit joint & tendon with a faux leather outer shell that gives these boots a high quality feel. Ideal for schooling & general work but especially for dressage work involving more intense lateral work.


  • LeMieux Four Seasons Leg Wraps

    LeMieux Four Seasons Leg Wraps: Luxury leg wraps to complement the Four Seasons Rug Collection. Providing wicking moisture control after washing, these wraps keep legs clean and tidy in the stable. Suitable for use on front and hind legs

  • LeMieux ProSport Support Boots

    LeMieux ProSport Support Boots are the best all round boot for turnout, schooling or competition.Leightweight and protective but allowing flexibility of movement. Offers support to the fetlock and tendon.

  • LeMieux Snug Boots

    LeMieux Snug Boot are the ideal all round boot suitable for both schooling and jumping, as the name suggests snug by name snug by nature. Offers flexibility & breathablity during work with fetlock support & tendon protection.

  • LeMieux Soft Shell Over Reach Boots

    LeMieux Soft Shell Over Reach Boots are practical everyday boot with really soft but strong shell lined with extra smooth neoprean.

  • LeMieux Stealth Air MK-III XC Boots

    LeMieux Stealth Air MK-III XC Boots are the latest boot to join the LeMieux ProSport stable is the Stealth Air MkIII XC boot. These ruthlessly efficient cross-country boots tick all the boxes, lightweight, breathable, protective and above all comfortable for the horses leg.

  • LeMieux Stealth Air XC Boots

    LeMieux Stealth Air ruthlessly efficient XC boots. These unique MicroFlex cage mesh with lightweight protection with 360° air ventilation. Offering shock absorption, tendon support & Polycarbonate strike guards.

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  • Pro-Tech Ballistic Over-Reach Boots

    Pro-Tech Ballistic Over-Reach Boots ideal for everyday and competition use.

  • Pro-Tek Airflow Brushing Boots

    Pro-Tek Airflow Brushing Boots, these lightweight neoprene boots offer extra protection against brushingand are ideal for every day use or schooling and competing.

  • Veredus Carbon Gel Tendon and Fetlock Boots

    The Veredus Carbon Gel Tendon Boot is an innovative tendon boot with a perfectly anatomical shape that guarantees maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse’s limb.A carbon support inserted in the shell and a gel pad provide maximum protection at the flexor tendon and fetlock, areas at particular risk of injury and bruising.