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  • Acavallo Gel Pad Front Riser

    Acavallo Gel Pad Front Riser Three-in-one gel saddle pad combines a built in front riser with non slip and shock absorbing properties
    Anatomically moulded gel helps support the saddle in front with low profile ideal for use under close-contact saddles and where the fit is too low over the withers. Unique structure of gel allows natural compression conforming to saddle shape and allowing air to move

  • Acavallo shaped gel pad

    ACAVALLO SHAPED GEL PAD is a therapeutic anti slip gel pad for riding the horse. It is made thicker than the light weight pad – giving it a dual pupose both anti-slip and shock absorbin

  • IV Horse Honeycomb Working Hunter Numnah

    IV Horse Honeycomb WH Numnah is ideal for the show ring or everyday use.  Made by our local team of expert craftsmen and women in the UK‒that’s why top competition riders use them!

  • IV Horse Working Hunter Saddle Numnah

    IV Horse WH Saddle Numnah is ideal for the show ring or everyday use.

  • LeMieux Gel-Grip Showing Numnah

    LEMIEUX GEL-GRIP SHOWING NUMNAH BROWN. This new design provides a unique combination of benefits in one pad. Non-slop shock absorbing gel on the underside and suede numnah edged discretely with luxurious Merino lambswool.

  • LeMieux Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah

    LeMieux Lambskin Working Hunter Numnah has a perfect discrete edge with a elasticated panel strap. The merino lambskin is a fantastic depth with a cut away girth area allowing a girth to fit nice and snug and minimise slippage. The numnah, which has a forward cut on the front edge to accomodate WH showing saddles, is available in a number of different sizes so the perfect fit is made with most makes of show saddles.

  • NuuMed Acrylic Show Numnah

    NuuMed Acrylic Show Numnah is a well cut numnah made using an acrylic fabric, designed for the smaller show saddle. Economically priced, hardwearing numnah.

  • NuuMed Acrylic Working Hunter Numnah

    NuuMed Acrylic WH Numnah is a very popular, smart numnah made using an acrylic fabric. An economically priced, hardwearing numnah – a favourite on the show circuit.

  • Ride On Waterproof Saddle Cover

    Ride On Waterproof Saddle Cover is both breathable and waterproof, they are generously sized with access slots for stirrup leathers.


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