Reflective Wear

Reflective Wear for Both Horse & Rider

Reflective Wear for both Horse & Rider. Make sure you are seen when you are out and about with our great range of reflective wear.

Top products for both Horse & Rider include Hi-Viz Hat covers, Waistcoats, Armbands and Tail Covers

Browse our products below and make sure you and your best friend are seen

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  • Equisafety LED Armband

    Equisafety LED Leg/Arm Band in Pink.

    The Equisafety LED Leg/Arm Band is 100% fluorescent and reflective and is a great way to improve visibility.

    The LED band can be used in many different ways either on the rider outside leg or arm as well as the horse’s legs (Brushing boots should be worn underneath with this style of band).

    The band is Velcro adjustable and can be wiped clean.

  • Equisafety LED Tail Guard

    Four large flashing LEDs with an on/off push button.

    Thin, stretchy, lightweight and breathable.

    Excellent for back protection as 33% of accidents happen from behind.

    Wipe clean.

    One size only.


  • Equisafety Polite Hatband

    This excellent hatband fits on all types of riding hats, it has elastic in two parts so will fit most sizes.

    Its unique inside rubbers make it stick to any hat with no damage to velvet hats.

    The tape is reflective and easy to clean by wiping with a cloth.