Bandages & Dressing

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  • Skintact

    Skintact is a low pressure absorbent wound dressing specifically designed for dressing minor wounds like cuts, grazes, abrasions, minor burns, etc.

  • Veterinary Gamgee

    Veterinary Gamgee by Robinson Animal Healthcare -Non-Woven Veterinary Gamgee consists of a thick layer of superior quality, absorbent cotton enclosed in a soft, absorbent non-woven cover, which minimises wound disruption. Veterinary Gamgee insulates and cushions the wound, protecting it from external trauma.

  • Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot

    Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot is a versatile boot that enables both hot and cold therapy to aid recovery after periods of stress and as a complimentary treatment for leg injuries.The Ice Therapy Boot can be used both with crushed/cubed ice and Hot and Cold gel packs.