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  • Carr Day and Martin Wound Cream

    Carr, Day, Martin Wound Cream is Step Two in Mud Fever Essential Care kit it helps soothes minor cuts and abrasions while forming a water resistant and breathable barrier in wet and muddy conditions.

  • Carr Day Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser

    Carr Day Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser an advanced, water-based formulation penetrates deep into the hoof horn to aid moisture replacement. Maintains optimum hoof moisture, if used on a daily basis.Suitable for dry and brittle hooves; ideal for daily use.

  • Carr Day Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment

    Carr Day Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring & growth of the hoof
    Application by hand stimulates keratin producing cells and also aids re-growth of hair after rubs or scarring.

  • Formula 4 Feet 7kg

    Formula 4 Feet 7kg |Horse Style|Hoof supplement

    developed for its suitability for horses and ponies at risk of laminitis and those with poor horn quality.

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  • Kevin Bacon Hoof Dressing

    KEVIN BACON HOOF DRESSING does not merely give the horn a pretty shine. It penetrates the horn to nourish the hoof deep down.
    Regular use of HOOF DRESSING prevents the hoof wall from drying, protects it from the wet, and activates horn growth.
    All of these properties make HOOF DRESSING a remarkable product that is used and recommended by all riding professionals.

  • Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing

    Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing this hoof dressing is ideal for the inconsistent British weather, protecting hooves from saturation in wet conditions and supplying moisture in dry conditions. It will also keep feet supple and elastic and helps prevent splits and cracks. Its barrier protection helps keep the hoof free of bacteria which in turn promotes healthy growth.

  • Koolpak

    Koolpak Instant equine cold therapy, giving fast, effective and essential cold treatment without refrigeration.

  • Leovet Hoof Oil

    Leovet Hoof Oil 450ml -pure vegetable oils – avocado, jojoba, sesame and calendula – groom and nourish the hooves, ensuring elasticity and good health of the horn. Hoof oil protects against crumbling of hoof walls and thrush, and also activates horn growth. Supplies the hoof with important nutrients and gives it a long-lasting, healthy shine.


  • Life Data Hoof Clay

    Life Data Hoof Clay is a non-irritating, easy to handle and sticky clay that easily packs and remains in place within wall cracks, wall defects, old nail holes, hoof wall separations and sulcus of the frog.

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  • Silver Feet Liquid

    Silverfeet liquid is a unique blend of natural ingredients and silver ions which help keep hooves in the best possible condition when used daily as part of routine hoof care. The balm and liquid, when applied to the wall, sole and frog, produces an effective barrier against the environment whilst the silver ions maintain hoof health and fight the bacteria which may lead to hoof odour.