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  • Gold Label Cod Liver Oil 1L

    Gold Label Cod Liver Oil 1L is a veterinary mixture of Cod Liver, Marine + pure Vegetable Oil. A source of vitamins needed for general health + condition.

  • Gold Label Soya Oil 1L

    Gold Label Soya Oil 1L is a straight feedstuff containing Pure Soya Oil which contains essential fatty acids. It also help improve the skin and the coat.

  • Keratex Zeolite Feed Supplement 900g

    Keratex Zeolite Feed Supplement 900g is a mineral-based powder that can be added to hard feed. It is a 100% naturally occurring mineral clay, which horses and other animals forage for and can access in the wild

  • NAF Electro Salts 150g

    NAF Electro Salts 150g is a concentrated combination of the essential plasma salts in combination with dextrose to aid efficient absorption of the salts.

  • NAF Electro Salts 1kg horse supplements

    NAF Electro Salts 1kg Supplement should be fed to replace essential body salts, particularly sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium which are lost when horses are in work or during hot weather when they regulate their body temperature by sweating.

  • No Wheeze 1 litre

    No Wheeze 1 Litre can help to ease the discomfort associated with ‘coughing’ and generally aid in soothing the airways.