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  • Hydrophane Cribox Paint 450ml

    Hydrophane Cribox Paint 450ml is an easy to apply paint to deter horses from crib-biting.

  • KM Elite Stall Chain

    KM Elite Stall Chain this high quality stall chain enables you to allow light and fresh air into your stable. It is fitted with an extra tough aircraft cord centre and is supplied with a clip on each end for easy fitting.

  • KM Elite Stall Guard

    KM Elite Stall Guard made with heavy duty nylon webbing, these canvas stall guards are the perfect addition to your stable yard

  • NAF No Bite Spray

    NAF No Bite Spray is an unpleasant tasting spray that is designed to discourage horses from chewing of rugs and bandages.

  • Prostable Hayfeeder

    Prostable Hayfeeder an alternative to haynets and racks, easy to fill and less waste as the hay wont get mixed in with the bedding