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  • Acavallo Gel Bit Guard

    Acavallo Gel Bit Guard gives all the protection of a traditional bit guard but with a soft gel moulding round the mouth piece offering protection for the corners of the mouth, prevents pinching & rubbing. Also encourages bit to stay straight & balanced in horse’s mouth, especially when turning

  • Acavallo Gel Pad Front Riser

    Acavallo Gel Pad Front Riser Three-in-one gel saddle pad combines a built in front riser with non slip and shock absorbing properties
    Anatomically moulded gel helps support the saddle in front with low profile ideal for use under close-contact saddles and where the fit is too low over the withers. Unique structure of gel allows natural compression conforming to saddle shape and allowing air to move

  • Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage

    Acavallo Gel Tail Bandage offers protection by absorbing any pressure if the horse sits on or rubs tail during transit but at the same time the sticky nature of the gel ensures the bandage never slips keeping the tail in perfect shape.

  • Acavallo shaped gel pad

    ACAVALLO SHAPED GEL PAD is a therapeutic anti slip gel pad for riding the horse. It is made thicker than the light weight pad – giving it a dual pupose both anti-slip and shock absorbin