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  • Keratex Hoof Gel

    Keratex Hoof Gel designed for wet weather use, Keratex Hoof Gel forms a protective, waterproof and breathable layer over the hoof, keeping hooves water-tight and preventing them from softening, splitting or breaking up in wet, muddy conditions. By stopping water from saturating the internal structures of the hooves, the hooves have the time, space and correct conditions for the horse to be able to restore hoof quality.

  • Keratex Hoof Hardener

    Keratex Hoof Hardener formula protects your horse from: brittle, cracked, soft or weak hooves; soft, sensitive or thin soles; repeated shoe loss; transition to barefoot or hoof damage by making hooves stronger from the inside out.

  • Keratex Hoof Moisturiser

    Keratex Hoof Moisturiser has an ‘intelligent’ formula which works by restoring the correct moisture levels in the inside of the hooves and then maintaining this level for optimum hoof condition.

  • Keratex Mud Shield Powder x 450gm

    Keratex Mud Shield Powder waterproofs and disinfects legs and provides a silky layer to leg hair helping mud to slide off easily.

  • Keratex Zeolite Feed Supplement 900g

    Keratex Zeolite Feed Supplement 900g is a mineral-based powder that can be added to hard feed. It is a 100% naturally occurring mineral clay, which horses and other animals forage for and can access in the wild